The following are members of ToR

Updated Mar 11, 2009

Frozn (Has a huge penis, and steers the clan with it without looking)

Venomblade (the sexiest of the bunch teh h4x wit dws yamean? blunts k)

SiZcO (The guy with the impenetrable shield)

Triclone (The Asian sensation)

Jik (Watch for flying hammers)

Gould Corp (Plays Rune Blindfolded)

Maz0u (can he understand me? probably not but he kicks ass)

Nutz (He kicks ass)

Incarnation (Cynical bastard)

Nitrocrazy (Hunting you down with his wallh4x)

PING! (Sneaking up behind you)

Inactive ToRs

Blindfury (Trans-gender h4x)

The_Game_Rulez (Ownage from South America)

Holy Demon (Whines about his description)

Rage (Not nerdy enough to fix his Rune comp)

Lord_Sefirosu (Iraq)

Psycho (Stabs people for reading his description. Look out!)

ShogunRua (Emo)

Stabbz (he may just cut you.)

Blindside (Cuts through noobs like you without trying - formerly Shadowgod)

Terayon (Drinking mead in Valhalla. RIP Brotha)


Attila (Fun while it lasted)

CruDe (Smelled like a JuNN)

Hades (Scooped up by JuNN, who died a week later (again))

Fury (Solo > Pressure)

Ruthless (WolF Drama)

Elijah (WolF Drama)

Lagnar (SiZ teased him out of the closet)

You can also take a look here to see our horde.